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Frequently Asked Questions

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How many Pages can we send each month?

We turn your Guests phone into a pager, each “Page” is actually a Text or Voice Call.  How many is basis your plans monthly inclusive allowance, similar to a mobile / cell phone contract.

What if a Guest doesn’t want to provide their mobile / cell phone number?

You can add Guests who don't provide a mobile / cell phone number but go through the waitlist and are then announced, found, or asked to wait close by i.e. a reception area.

Will my Guests need a Smartphone or an App?

No.  We use Texts and Calls only, meaning a 1980’s phone handset will work just fine!

We don’t require an App, this would be a barrier to waitlist registration.

The only exception to this answer is our Queue Watcher add-on which can send a web link allowing Guests to monitor their place in the Queue.  This optional add-on requires the phone handset to have a web browser along with a data allowance or WiFi connection.

Do Second Guest provide hardware?

No, we’re purely a software company.

What do the Calls sound like?

We use speech synthesis (think Alexa or Google Home) when paging via automated interactive phone calls so these days it’s pretty good.

You could record your own audio message if you prefer and we can use that, although you can’t then include any personalization such as name, party size and so on.

Is Second Guest a CRM?

No. We're focussed on providing a simple, easy to use waitlist and phone paging system.  We can collect your guests: phone number, email address, marketing preferences and other details thereby acting as your data collection tool, but the data is then generally exported from Second Guest and imported into a separate CRM.

Can we use Second Guest to capture data for Guests when there’s no wait?

Yes.  You can optionally enable “Skip Wait”, thereby capturing all the same information for all your guests regardless of whether you’re able to serve them immediately or serve them later by paging them when you’re ready to serve them.  They’ll also appear on the Arrived view so you can see who’s recently been served, but they won’t receive any Texts or Calls.

This approach provides for complete data capture and reporting against all guests and crucially all the things they may be waiting for, be it a stylist or specific poker game along with other service details such as cut or color.

Is Second Guest a Marketing platform?

No.  We send service based contextual notifications only, albeit quite often these will be aimed at driving incremental sales by giving your Guests a "nudge".

If you want to send marketing texts you can export data from Second Guest, import the Names and Numbers to a text marketing platform, type your message, pay the fee, click send and you’re all set!

What countries will Second Guest work in?

The platform will work in over 120 countries, the rest are either; embargoed, have restrictive telecommunication regulations, or are uneconomical due to local telecommunication fulfilment costs.

What about Tourists?

Tourists who are roaming from countries we support will receive Texts and/or Calls from the country code of their home country (where their phone is registered).  This is so they won't be charged any international rate charges, beyond their standard roaming fees.

What if I don’t want to service Tourists and incur international charges?

You can set “domestic only” in your configuration and this will prevent guests registering with international phone numbers, thereby avoiding any such charges.  Alternatively, you can include an allowance of international Calls / Texts, or you can pay for these on a pay as you go basis.

Some of my arriving Guests will have a pre-booked time, what happens to them?

You can optionally use the Kiosk software as a check-in station allowing Guests to select whether they have an appointment or not.  You can even label these buttons yourself, to improve familiarity and keep it simple for your Guests.

Guests can select their appointment time and this will then appear next to their name on the Waitlist allowing your staff to manage the flow of all your arriving guests in one place.

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Set-up and Configuration Options

Can I choose when to Text and/or Call?

Yes.  You can optionally send contextual notifications to Welcome your Guest, advise them of a delay and so on.  This is covered in the user guides.

Can the Kiosk software run on a Tablet?

Yes.  Further advice on hardware options for the Kiosk is contained within our Kiosk User Guide.

What does it say in the Text Message or Call?

In order to allow you to get going quickly we provide pre-built Text and Call notifications for every context, and a variety of use-cases in several languages, built by professional translators.

You can however build your own custom notification templates at any time whilst using mail-merge fields for personalization.  Your templates will then be used for as long as they exist, whilst pre-built templates will continue to be used for all situations where you haven’t built a custom template.

What phone number will Guests receive Calls or Texts from?

This will be a Second Guest phone number, the country code will match that of your Guests phone.  Depending on where you are based we may; be able to spoof your businesses phone number when making voice calls to your Guest, be able to assign you a permanent phone number used for all your Texts and Calls, be able to send Texts from an alphanumeric i.e. your company name.

How does it work with multiple locations?

You can see all your locations in your account and manage them in one place.  Your settings and configuration can be applied to a single location, or groups of locations such as a region.  You can also delegate management, to a regional manager for example.

How long does it take to sign up?

You can sign up and page your first Guest in under 10 minutes.

Is there any software to install?

No.  Second Guest is 100% web based and built on the Cloud with no software or Apps for you or your Guests to install.

Which web browsers and devices are supported?

Second Guest works on most; EPOS systems, Tablets, Laptops and Desktops.  We support versions of Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge and Opera.

Please Contact Us to request a complete list of pre-requisite software prior to making a purchase specifically to run Second Guest.

Is an Internet connection required?

Yes.  The software runs on the Cloud and requires internet access.  The actual data rate necessary to run the software is very low and it will work well over 3G data rates.

If our WiFi drops out will we lose our Waitlist?

No.  The waitlist runs in the cloud and all devices that access it are kept in synch.  If your WiFi doesn’t come back though you will need an internet connection to access the waitlist and page your waiting Guests.  Tethering a desktop, laptop or tablet to your mobile / cell phone will work just fine or if you have a smart phone you can login and operate the platform directly in your smart phone’s web browser.

What about Training?

Training really isn’t required thanks to our intuitive easy to use interface.  No one requires training to operate their online banking and our platform is even easier to use!

Staff operating the platform on a day to day basis require just page #2 from our Quick Start Guide.

The person who manages configuration and set-up will be provided with access to video tutorials that provide a walk-through of the; initial set-up, user management and how to build custom Text and Call templates.  This person is also advised to review our Quick Start guide in entirety.  Some of our add-on features also have their own supplementary user-guide.

Still not convinced?  You will be after a trial or pilot period.  Although in some regions we do have partners that can deliver training for a day rate plus expenses.

I’m looking for a complete solution from a one stop shop, can you help?

If you want a single provider of; Hardware (such as Tablets & Kiosks), Implementation, Warranties, Software, Support & Maintenance etc we may still be able to help.  We have resellers in some regions that can provide all of this and we would be happy to refer you to them.  Please contact us to check if this is available in your region.

Set-up & Config
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Gaming Regulations

Does Second Guest hold a license or service provider registration with any Gaming Control Board?

No, because no license or service provider registration is required at this time.

The Second Guest waitlist and paging platform is not used, either remotely or directly, in gaming as part of the game itself.  Instead it’s a means of bringing the player to the game at the appropriate time for them to then partake, just as the platform would be used to bring a diner to a restaurant table.  The platform is not Associated Equipment.  Upon request we can provide a broader and more detailed statement for review by your compliance team.

Is Second Guest a Patron Identification Service Provider?

No, nothing occurring as part of the Second Guest platform warrants this type of registration.

Gaming Regs
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Gaming / Card Room Functionality

Does Second Guest provide a High Hand display?

No not at this time, you’ll have to carry on using PowerPoint for now!

Does Second Guest provide a Tournament Clock or facilitate Tournament Registration?

No.  There are many low cost yet highly functional options in this space such as the Tournament Director, which can be found here:

Can players sign-up to the Kiosk using their Player Reward Card?

Yes.  We then store the player’s details and the next time they register via the Kiosk they only need to key or swipe their player reward card and then select their preferred game to sign-up.

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Is Second Guest able to be HIPPA compliant?

HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, sets the standard for protecting sensitive patient data.  Any company that deals with protected health information (PHI) must ensure that all the required physical, network, and process security measures are in place and followed.

Second Guest provides the necessary functionality for you to operate the platform in accordance with HIPPA compliance.

As a hospital you are responsible for implementing and enforcing HIPAA complaint policies.

Where can I find more information on this?

See the Data & Security section of this FAQ for more information on the controls available to you.

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Is Second Guest able to be GDPR compliant?

Yes.  You can operate the platform and collect data in accordance with the European GDPR.

Where can I find more information on this?

See the Data & Security section of this FAQ for more information on the controls available to you.

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Restaurant Functionality

How many Radio Pagers / Buzzers / Beepers do we get?

Zero.  We turn your Guests phone into a pager and don’t supply traditional buzzers.

We already have some Radio Pagers / Buzzers / Beepers can we use them as well?

Yes.  You can also add the Guest to the waitlist, along with their assigned buzzer ID number.  An icon will appear next to their name to show they have a buzzer along with the buzzer ID.  This approach allows you to manage all your Guests via the waitlist whilst collecting their data.

Can we use Second Guest for Food Ready notifications?

Yes.  However, you will need to build a notification template for this use-case as it’s not covered by the pre-built templates.

If your EPOS provider supports programmable buttons and collection of mobile /cell phone numbers via their UI you can interface with our API to push your guests onto the waitlist when taking the order, then page them when the food is ready for collection.

Can we use Second Guest for Table Ready and Food Ready notifications at the same location?

Yes.  Albeit to do this you’ll need to operate two lists at the same location, these are set-up as two locations within the platform and then named accordingly i.e. Tables and Collection.

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Subscription, Allowance, Licensing and Billing

We have several locations, some are busier than others, can they each have a unique allowance?

Yes.  Our subscriptions have an inclusive monthly allowance of: Guests, Calls and Texts.  These can be set on a per location basis.
If you have hundreds of locations then for ease of management it may be simpler for you to have different sizes of allowance i.e. small, medium, and large.

What if my allowance is too big or too small?

If it's too small we meter the additional usage (we call this overage), the overage is charged at our prevailing overage rates.

If it's too big you can choose to change your allowance as you enter your next subscription term.

We can offer a short initial subscription term whilst you find out what’s appropriate, as a general rule you are likely to overestimate your required allowance due to factors such as average party size, given we only communicate with the party lead.

We're a Seasonal business and only need to use the platform for 3 months of the year?

Not a problem, we offer seasonal plans whereby the allowance and fee change from month to month.

What Currency are the fees billed in?

US Dollars or British Pounds.

We bill in USD (US Dollars) for customers based in North America who transact with Second Guest, Inc. (registered in Delaware).

We bill in GBP (British Pounds) for customers based in Europe, Middle East and Africa who transact with our UK subsidiary Second Guest Limited (registered in England & Wales).

We're a public agency or state entity and are not permitted to contract an out-of-state business, can you help?

Yes.  Please contact us with further details on such restrictions and we'll work with you to find a solution.  Whilst our home state is Delaware we do hold business registrations in other states.  If we do not currently hold a registration in your state we will then assess the feasibility of making an additional registration.

Will I need a license for each of my members of staff?

No. We license by location, which may be a sub-unit in a larger complex.

How do you price?

We license by location, but we price by the volume of: Guests, Texts and Calls that make up your monthly allowance be them Domestic or International.  Therefore 10 locations doing 100 Texts per month would cost the same as 100 locations doing 10 Texts per month.

Can I Cancel at any time?

Maybe.  We offer a 6 month subscription term, you can serve notice to cancel at any time in the first 4 months and the subscription will then end on the last day of your 6 month term.

We tailor every plan to perfectly fit your needs, if you want something different just let us know and we’ll prepare special terms priced accordingly.

Do you offer an Unlimited Plan?

No, doing so doesn’t make commercial sense.

There are however many Text only paging providers offering unlimited usage (all you can eat) plans, but such plans are often accompanied by bad practices;


  • Usually only sending one Text when you’re ready to serve the Guest, sometimes also a Welcome Text but in either case you may not be able to change the contents of the Text Messages thereby keeping the length short.

  • Such providers often impose limits on the number of Texts per day or per hour.  You’ll find the Terms of Service give the provider the right to terminate your service at any time for any reason and without notice – usually if your usage is high and therefore unprofitable.

  • Finally, they may be using cheaper lower quality Telco fulfilment providers to send the Text messages which may result in delays.  Such delays are not acceptable for a real-time notification service advising your Guest that you’re ready to serve them.

Here at Second Guest we don’t believe this is the right way to do things, so we don’t offer any unlimited plans.

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Minimum Order Levels or Minimum Spend

Our use-case is really low volume can you still help?

Yes.  But it’s likely you will need to pay either annually or bi-annually.

The minimum spend for; pay monthly is $25, pay bi-annually (every 6 months) is $60 and pay annually is $100.

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Integration and Exporting of Data

Do you have an API?


Can I push Guests onto the Waitlist and Page them via API?

Yes.  Although whilst waitlist registration via API makes a lot of sense, paging often doesn’t, except for certain scenarios such as Food Ready notifications.

We have complex integration requirements can you still help?

Yes.  Our platform encompasses different API’s for different integration patterns such as allowing a Guest to join the waitlist with one touch from your App.  We then have pub/sub API’s for asynchronous streaming of data such as when a Guest arrives and you want to push data to your CRM or TMS.

Do you charge extra for API access?

Yes.  As with all our add-on features this is priced separately so you only pay for those features you need.  Pricing for this depends on your use-case: what data, when?  You’ll likely need a composite of our API’s which we’ll typically charge a onetime set-up fee for at the outset, as well as an ongoing fee basis your utilization.

Can I export data from Second Guest?

Yes.  Although you will require the Instant Reports add-on feature to do this.  If your use-case is for a trade-show we can potentially offer other options around exports.

In what format are the Exports from Instant Reports?

They’re CSV files which can be opened with spreadsheet software such as Excel or Google Sheets.  This format is also well suited and broadly supported for import into other third-party systems such as; CRM, Database, Text Marketing platforms etc.

API's & Integration
Data & Security
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Data & Security

What Access Controls are available?

Second Guest can allow for strict access control, for example once captured a mobile / cell phone number can’t be accessed except by someone who has permission to run reports and export the data.

We also operate a two-tier login model with a primary (email) login and secondary (4-digit pin) login providing unique user IDs and allowing partial logout that’s inactivity based, whilst also offering quick switching and reactivation of the platform for staff following an idle period.

Granular permissions may be granted to both primary (email) and secondary (4-digit pin) holders.

When logging in purely for day to day operations a different login button can be used which increases security and locks out all management and configuration functions, even for user ID’s that would ordinarily have access to such functions.

Is the Data Encrypted?

Yes.  All data is encrypted both on the wire via secure web access, and when stored in our databases.

Do Second Guest maintain Audit logs?

Yes.  We store an audit log of both capture and subsequent changes to sensitive data such as marketing preferences where in some jurisdictions it’s necessary to evidence; when, where and by whom such activity took place.

Do you provide Disaster Recovery and take Backups?

Yes.  As our software is built on the cloud, we operate based on live data replication meaning our platform is constantly being backed up.  In the event of a disaster our platform will automatically use data from a replica and then re-synch all replicas when they’re back online.

Do you sell or distribute Data for monetary gain or via reciprocal arrangement?

No.  It’s your data.  We don’t sell or exchange data.  Our use of the data is limited to aggregation and always on an anonymized or pseduonymized basis typically for broader statistical analysis as well as guiding product enhancements.  Our use is defined in both our terms and privacy policy.

How long do you retain data for?

We maintain data for a rolling 18 month period, meaning today we deleted all data collected 548 days ago and we’ll do the same tomorrow and every day thereafter.  If you require longer retention you will need to take a copy of the data (either via export or integration) prior to its deletion.

Further details on this can be found in our data retention policy, referenced in our terms and available upon request.

What Physical Safeguards are taken to protect the data?

Our software is built from the ground up and hosted on the Microsoft Azure Cloud.  As such this is the domain of Microsoft's Data Center security policies.

This all sounds complicated, is there a simpler approach?

As a responsible software vendor we make these controls available to you as a means of allowing you to operate in accordance with any regulatory compliance you may be subject to.  We can’t make you use these additional controls, only your own policies, procedures, training and corporate governance can do that.

If you don’t have such compliance needs then you can; make everyone an admin, share accounts and staff pins etc.  It’s your choice.

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Additional Questions

I still have questions who can help me?

Really?  Just kidding, please Contact Us with your additional questions, via the form or email.  If you prefer to discuss your questions let us know and we'll call you back.

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