Waitlist Management & Phone Paging System



In a Virtual Line the Distancing's Fine!

Virtual Queue

Text and/or Call Paging

Intuitive Web based waitlist allows you to move your line online, synched across all devices via the Cloud, with support for single or multi location businesses.

Immediate Responses

Patent pending 2-way interactive page response processing provides real time visibility of: Accept, Decline or Delay. No holding tables / advisors for no shows.

Customizable notifications and nudges (promos, specials etc) via SMS Text and/or automated Voice Call direct to your Guests phone.

Updates & Monitoring

Set your Guests free, notify them of updates to wait times. Let them monitor their place in the queue on their phone, no app or download required.

TV Display

Display your waitlist on TV's wherever you like, fully configurable layout and color schemes plus Traffic light display of Page responses.

Kiosk Sign-Up & Check-in

Offer self service waitlist sign-up to better manage the flow of arriving Guests, whether they're walk-ins or pre-booked appointments that need to check-in.

Data & Anonymity

Walk-ins are no longer anonymous, meaning more marketing data as well as a wealth of data to drive optimization of your business. API exposed & Encrypted.

Tourists plus Multilingual

Support for up to 120 countries to page tourists whilst roaming. Multilingual with pre-built notification templates in: English, Spanish, French & German.

Customized Plans

Pick allowances, whether you page via Text, Call or neither and just announce. Choose which features you require. Seasonal plans flex from month to month.

What's your Use Case?

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