How do you maximise the turnaround of your tables, whilst also improving the overall customer experience?​

Filling and turning the tables in your restaurant is key to your overall success, and you no doubt already have a system that allows you to take advance reservations, but how do you manage walk-in customers during peak times when you have to advise them of a potentially long wait, or worse turn them away?


Introducing Waiter™

Waiter™ combines an innovative wait list, paging and marketing solution that leverages your guests own mobile device, without the need for an App! 

Dynamic, automated messaging keeps your customer informed

Keep your customers satisfied by extending benefits throughout the waiting process using automated text messages, keeping your customers updated, significantly reducing the chance that they will dine elsewhere and increasing your repeat business opportunities.


Full online statistical analysis and reporting

Waiter™ includes a full reporting module, allowing you to assess how each branch is performing wherever you are. Out of the box reports include: registrations over time, customer cancellations, average wait times, discounts applied over time, best performing branches and SMS marketing response rates. 


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For general restaurants

For Complex and Resort restaurants

For Garden Centre restaurants and coffee shops


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