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Image of Big Board waitlist display

Optional "Big Board" feature to display wait list on LCD or Plasma TV.


Accept Booking Traffif Light


Delay Booking Traffic Light


Decline Booking Traffic Light


Real time response visibility thanks to our patent pending interactive robo call paging.

Web based customer retrieval via SMS text message or interactive Robo-Call

Available via the Web as a low cost Subscription Service, No Set-up Fees

Second Guest Add Party Screen Shot

Quickly capture your customers details via our web based interface that runs on your: EPOS, Tablets, PC's or Laptops - all synchronized in real time.

Never turn away a walk-in or last minute phone in again!

 Click/Tap Screen Shot to Enlarge (not all browsers)

radio pager / buzzer sysem

It's time to ditch: pagers, buzzers and 1-way SMS paging.

  • Legacy Radio Pagers / Buzzers: Issues include - out of range, lost/stolen, flat batteries, one-way communication.  Provides zero data and costs $500 to $900 per year with replacements.

  • Modern SMS text paging: Issues include - often not heard as it's a single quiet beep, you've sent an SMS now what - how long do you hold an advisor, empty table etc?  Expensive - Nowait charge $179 to $249 per location per month.

  • Customer Data: Your walk-in customers were traditionally anonymous, not any more.

  • Business Intelligence: What’s the average party size, what’s the average wait, at what point do declines increase, what’s the near-term average page response time?   What could you do with these insights?

  • Engagement: Leverage the workflow engine to drive contextual engagement with your waiting guest.

  • Point of Use Marketing: Your waiting customer is potentially going to return to leverage your businesses services following their wait.  This is the perfect time to; cross sell other services thereby increasing sales, advise of add-ons that boost average order values, incentivize a continued wait thereby securing business that could otherwise have been lost if the wait was abandoned.

  • Ecosystem: Which third parties can potentially push customers onto your wait list?  Possibly receiving commissions on conversions, insights can include which customers from which sources actually arrive.


Pricing depends on the volume of customers going through the platform, we tailor every plan to fit and can even accomodate seasonality whereby your inclusive allowance moves up or down each month.  Our inclusive plans start from $22.22pcm, we also offer pay as you go for occassional use.

There are zero up front set-up fees.  We can also include international Calls / SMS in your allowance, or you can pay for these on a pay as you go basis, or you can turn off international - choice is yours.

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