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Subscription Plans & Pricing

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No set-up fees, commissions, or charges for: tables, users, staff or number of devices.

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Add-on features sold separately, choose what you need. Priced as a % uplift so it's proportional.

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Tourists? Both Domestic and/or International is supported.

Plans - Pricing Anc

NOW 100%


Page for pennies with no commitment or long term contract, pre-purchase credit and we'll charge for each Guest, Call and Text (plus selected features), make larger credit purchases to qualify for discounted pricing. Contact us for more info.

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Pay Go utilization is priced basis the unit pricing shown.

For locations in:

United States flag

United States and Canada

Currency: USD, Billed in: USD

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$10 Credit Pricing

Guests through the Waitlist:

The person who goes on the waitlist, party lead only irrespective of party size

Optional Guest Paging:

Domestic SMS Text / Call's only,

International priced separately.


Per Guest


Per SMS Text



Per Voice Call


$500 Credit Pricing**


Per Guest


Per SMS Text



Per Voice Call


Additional Feature uplift:

Choose exactly what you need

charged as; % uplift to Guest,  SMS Text  or Call, or; flat fee.

Big Board

(TV display)


Real Time Data

(wait & page times)


Queue Watcher

(Guest Q  monitoring)



(Web Registrations)


Instant Reports

(Analyze historical data)



(self service)


Pager Tracking

(of Buzzers / Beepers)


API Access

(for integration)



(Advance Bookings)

$15 / month*

*Appointment Book is $15 per month per waitlist location flat fee irrespective of utilization.

**$500 Credit Pricing is an example of Pay as you Go plan discounting, whereby discount qualification is determined by the amount of credit purchased.

Contact us for: order form and terms.

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Pay as you Go Subscription

Our software is offered on a rolling monthly subscription basis, which auto renews unless you've given notice to cancel, albeit there's no commitment as we're 100% pay as you go.

Just pre-purchase credit and we'll charge you for each Guest, SMS Text Messages and Call (plus selected features) on a utilization basis.  Purchase credit from as little as $10, or qualify for discounted pricing by making larger credit purchases - see $500 example above, further details are available upon request.

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Guests with No Phone & Tracking of Buzzers (aka Beepers / Radio Pagers)

You can register guests who either don't have a phone with them, or don't wish to provide their number.  These guests will still go via the waitlist but they won't receive any Texts or Calls.  Instead you'll need to announce them, find them, or ask them to hang around possibly where they can see or hear the TV waitlist display.

You may own Buzzers and wish to retrieve some of your guests via this method, whilst still tracking them via the waitlist.  The ID number of the buzzer can be entered in the waitlist to allow you to determine which buzzer to page when the time comes.

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and Guest

It's completely optional whether you send Calls and/or SMS Text Messages to your Guests, there's a lot of flexibility, plus you can update your settings at any time and the effects are immediate.

Communication via Text or Call occurs only with the Party lead, for example: if you have a party of 5 we're only communicating with 1 person in the party, not all 5 of them.

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How to Buy

PayPal Credit Card icon

When you’re ready to proceed simply contact us and we’ll provide you with an Order Form to cover your initial purchase of prepaid credit (minimum of $10's) which you can either sign, scan and return, or eSign online.  You’ll then receive a PayPal eInvoice for payment which can be paid online via Card or a PayPal account.

If you haven’t done so already, you’ll need to register for an account, your prepaid credit purchase will then be applied to your account.  If you’ve taken a trial prior to placing an order the subscription will be applied to the same account so that any account configuration work you’ve done will be retained.

If you need to purchase additional prepaid credit you can request further eInvoices to top up as necessary, the Order Form process described above is only for your initial purchase of prepaid credit at the time you create an account.

We will shortly be introducing online ordering within the platform itself so very soon all of this will happen within the platform.

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International Charges

Don't want to incur charges for International Calls or Text Messages?  No problem you can enable "Domestic Only" so your staff and guests won't be able to register International numbers in the first place.

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Other Costs

Our software runs in the cloud, there are no other costs and no other pre-requisite software is required.

You can run the software on any web enabled device that has internet access such as; Tablets, EPOS systems, Computer, Laptop or Mobile / Cell phones.  If none of these options are available then you may well be looking at the purchase of a dedicated tablet.  The good news is a cheap Android tablet is more than sufficient to run the Second Guest platform.

Further guidance on hardware is contained in our user guides, including advise for add-ons such as the Self Service Kiosk.

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Test Drive / Trial

If in doubt... try it out!  You can try the software at no cost for 14 days, during this time you can; retrieve unlimited guests who either don't provide a phone number or are handed a buzzer, send 70 SMS Text messages, and make 70 Calls.

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Just Ask!

If you have any further questions simply contact us, we're here to help.

You'll find we're more cost effective than radio pagers, plus you can drive upsell at the point of consumption, improve efficiency and collect your customers details for subsequent marketing activities.  No other solution provides all this!

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