Restaurant Waitlist & Phone Paging System

"Just in Time" guest retrieval via SMS Text Message and Automated Voice Call Paging

We do this...

  • Infinite range

  • No batteries for you to charge.

  • No cost if it's lost or stolen.

  • 2-way communication

  • Wait times & Updates

  • Customer data and Insights

  • Customer brings it with them!

and much more

Using this...

How does it work?

Staff add the Party to the waitlist via a web browser, capturing the Party Size and optionally quoting an estimated wait time. Or the Party can self register via your Website.

No more turning away guests during peak times.

Optionally Keep them updated if you need to pull-forward or push-back the quoted wait time.

Manage expectations whilst providing the best customer service.

Page their phone via SMS Text or Automated Voice Call with a custom message when you're ready to seat them.

Match the party size to the table size for maximum inventory efficiency.

Real Time 2-way page response processing let's you know if they ACCEPT, DECLINE, or advise of a DELAY coming back.

No more holding empty tables for no shows, no delay in paging the next party.

Guest returns “Just in Time”, you can mark them as arrived to clear them from the waitlist.

If you had simply asked them to return later... they wouldn’t have!

Capture the Guests details and numerous other insightful data points.

Improve your efficiency and boost profitability. View most recent wait times and page response times to make better decisions during the same service.

Right Sized Faster Turns

Maximize restaurant efficiency by paging correct Party size for Table, use average page response times to retrieve next party just in time. No more empty tables, fill last minute cancellations

Low Cost & Simple

You could be running Second Guest 10 minutes from now and immediately impact your restaurant: Stand Alone, Web Based (EPOS, Tablet, PC). No set-up Fees or Commissions.

No App, No Barriers

We use Calls and Text Messages only, there's no app for your Guests to download. Works on any phone.

Boost Check Size

We can "nudge" your customers by delivering promos, specials, online menus  and waitlist exclusive offers to their phone whilst they're waiting for a table, boosting average check size.

Queue Watcher

Guest receives link via Text to track Waitlist position, updates in real-time. Fully interactive: Cancel anytime, or Accept when paged.

Food Ready

Not just for table's ready!
Notify Guests when cooked to order meals are ready for collection. Use API integration for Paging straight from POS terminal.

Now your Restaurant can accomodate every walk-in

  • No set-up Fees.

  • No charge for: software, staff, tables or number of devices.

  • Cell Phone style contracts with inclusive Call / Text allowance.

  • We tailor every plan to perfectly fit your required volumes

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