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Register Free & Start Paging in Minutes

Register for an account (no credit card) and try the software yourself to see if it fits what you're looking for...

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Find a stop watch, an online one is fine, and give yourself 10 minutes to Register & Start Paging!


If you haven’t already, watch this 3 minute video demonstration to get a feel for how the platform works.


Download the Quick Start Guide

  • Page 2 - Contains everything your Front of House / Reception staff need to know.

  • The primary user is advised to review all pages in the guide, albeit thanks to our built-in multilingual templates for Calls and Text Messages you'll be retrieving guests within the 10 minute challenge!


Access the Second Guest platform: and register (blue text/link at the bottom of the login box), this is covered in detail on the lower half of page 3 of the Quick Start Guide.  Note: the above link may need white listing if accessed from an ePOS system.


Staff Pin = 0000

Second Guest operates a primary (email) and secondary (4 digit pin) login model to allow for quick switching of staff on shared tablets and terminals.  0000 works until you create other Staff Pins.

Stop the clock!  How did you do?


Now you can invite colleagues to your account, also covered in detail on the lower half of page 3 of the Quick Start Guide.  Be sure to hand them a copy of Page 2, that's all they'll need.

Our product is the culmination of awesome customers providing us detailed feedback, we would love to hear yours.

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Test Drive / Trial

You can try the software at no cost for 14 days, during this time you can; retrieve unlimited guests, send 70 SMS Text messages, and make 70 Voice Calls.  Add-on features are not included in the Trial account but but can be added upon request, user-guides for the Big Board (TV Display) and SSK (Self-service Kiosk) can also be provided.

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