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Queue Handling & Paging for Bowling Centers

Manage wait times for Lanes in your Center

Manage your busy centers walk-ins

Accept Booking Traffic Light


Delay Booking Traffic Light


Decline Booking Traffic Light


On a busy weekend, league night or school break when your lanes are full and wait times are long, how do you accommodate every walk-in?  Worse still what happens when an advance booking turns up on time only to be asked to wait?

Now you can manage the flow of arriving bowlers, matching walk-ins to lane availability whilst turning lanes faster.  We're the only wait list that gives you real-time visibility of; accept, decline or delay.

Set your Bowlers Free!

Nearby: Bowling wait times can be both unpredictable and long, chances are there are restaurants and shops near your center that can serve as a waiting room - it doesn't feel like waiting when you're set free, meaning you'll convert more walk-ins.

In Center: Naturally you want to keep the guest within your center, spending money on; your arcades, eating in your diner or having a drink at your bar.  Maybe give them a Nudge via SMS Text message to incentivize this.

image of bowlng center arcade

Shape your Customers Journey

Greet them, engage them, best of all - nudge them - to drive incremental sales

SMS text message exampe

You're on the list!  Check out our diner menu while you wait or head to the Bar where there's 2-4-1 Cocktail Hour from 7pm until 8pm.

On Registration

SMS text message exampe

Your Lane is ready for you now!

Please make your way back. If the pink pin racks at the front (tell staff) and you get a strike you'll win a bottle of Champagne to celebrate!

On Ready

SMS text mesage example

Sorry there's going to be a delay due to slow rollers! We expect to get you on the lanes in 40 mins. Show this Text at the front deck to claim $5 arcade credit.

On Delay (Push Back)

SMS text mesage example

On Decline

Did you forget your socks? Just kidding, thanks for letting us know. If you come back in the next 7 days and show this Text we'll give you 10% off your lane!

You're in full control, choose when to send SMS Text messages and/make automated Calls

Optionally Call your Bowlers when their Lane's ready

They'll hear it, even in a noisy arcade, bar, deli.

Unlike a single beep SMS Text notification, which many other Text only paging solutions rely on to notify the bowler when you're ready for them.

​Second Guest is the only paging solution with a patent-pending interactive automated call as the Page, meaning you're not left second guessing if the party  will return!

1940s rotary dial phone image

Air Traffic Control for JIT arrival

Estimated wait times are just that - an estimate!

With Second Guest your bowlers are placed in a holding pattern, you can pull forward or push back their wait time at the touch of a button and your bowlers are kept updated.  You can then land them on their lane at the perfect time.

Alleviate a common frustration for Guests whilst providing the best experience, boost efficency by turning Lanes faster.

It's a win-win!

Don't buy a Radio Pager / Buzzer

  • Has a limited operating range

  • Frequently runs out of batteries

  • Only provides 1-way communication

  • Often get lost, stolen or damaged.

  • Provides no data insights or customer details

  • Costs you more per year than Second Guest

photo of black radio pager buzzer

Benefits Summary

icon party (tiny).png

Right size party size to how long the lane is available, before the next advance booking.

walk-in icon

Retrieve walk-ins, fill last minute cancellations, improve customer flow & experience.

grow sales icon

Give them a Nudge to drive incremental sales right before the customer engages with you.

contract icon

Mobile / Cell phone style contracts with subscriptions to suit every budget.

trafficlight icon

Immediate turning of Lanes thanks to real-time responses.

buildings icon

Waitlist & Data visibility across your whole business for either single or multiple locations.

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