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Queue Management, Waitlist & Phone Paging

Manage unpredictable wait times for advisors, stylists etc in your Retail environment

Page your Customers Phone

Retrieve customers when their...

image stylist is ready

...Stylist - is Ready.

We turn your customers phone into a pager, using Calls and Texts only so there’s No App and no barriers to joining your queue.

Manage your Customers Journey

Display in your waiting areas...

image waiting area or reception

Choose whether your customer waits in your facility, or set them free nearby with neighboring businesses serving as your waiting area.

Interactive Page Responses

Don't second guess if they're coming back, know for sure...

Accept Booking Traffic Light


Delay Booking Traffic Light


Decline Booking Traffic Light


Real time responses stop you holding advisors, stylists etc for no shows. Page the next in line without delay.

Second Guest Add Party Screen Shot

Simple, Easy to Use,

Set-up in Minutes

No training is required to operate our platform thanks  to our intuitive user interface.


Second Guest is Web based meaning no apps to download and no software to install.  You could be retrieving customers 10 mins from now!

Click or Tap image for more screenshots

How does it work?

Add to Waitlst

Staff add the Customer to the waitlist, in their favorite device's web browser.
Alternatively... the Customer can self register via a Kiosk or your Website.

Waiting Guest

The Customer chooses where to wait, or you can give them a nudge by sending a suggestion.

SMS Text or Call Phone Paging

Page their phone via SMS Text or Automated Voice Call with a custom message when you're ready to serve them.

Traffic Light Paging Responses

Real Time 2-way page response processing let's you know if they ACCEPT, DECLINE, or advise of a DELAY coming back.

TV display via Big Board

Alternatively... Display the waitlist on a TV and find or announce your Customers when you're ready to serve them.

Guest - Customer Arrives

Customer returns “Just in Time”, you can mark them as arrived/served to clear them from the waitlist.

Guest Data and Analytics

Improve your efficiency and boost profitability whilst capturing the Customers details and numerous other insightful data points.

Big Board - for LCD / Plasma TV display

Image of Waitlist displayed on TV
  • Traffic light page responses for Instant Visibility

  • Perfect for Window or Reception Area.

  • Auto updates in Real Time.

  • Specific Wait for someone/thing, or General Wait (first come first served).

  • Display customized message.

  • Choice of seven color schemes.

Air Traffic Control for JIT arrival

Estimated wait times are just that - an estimate!

With Second Guest your customers are placed in a holding pattern, you can pull forward or push back their wait time at the touch of a button and your customers are kept updated.  You can then land them at the perfect time to serve them.

Alleviate a common frustration for Customers whilst providing the best experience and giving your business the flexibility you need.

It's a win-win!

Targeted Marketing

Convert Walk-ins: You've spent marketing dollars bringing a walk-in to your business, don't lose them now!  Engage them, retain them, convert them.

Upsell: Leverage the power of suggestion by sending nudges to incentivize incremental sales to your walk-ins (which are no longer anonymous) right before they use your services.

Repeat: Turn them into a repeat customer (even if they declined today) with "come back soon" offers.

picture of target

Waitlist - Registration Channels

Add customers to your waitlist via a range of methods

waitlist queue image




self service kiosk image
website image
partners image

Walk-Ins & Phone-Ins

Add Party Directly in Software

Your Staff

Your customers directly via your website

  1. Form that calls API's

  2. iFrame/Modal

via Second Guest's API's

You Decide

via Self Service Kiosk

Your Customers whilst on premise

Website Visitors

Referrals, Apps, IOT


You're in full control, choose which channels you want to offer your customers.

Optionally Call your Customers when it's their turn!

They'll hear it, even in a noisy cafe!

Unlike a single beep SMS Text notification, which many other Text only paging solutions rely on to notify the customer when you're ready for them.

​Second  Guest is the only paging solution with a patent-pending interactive robo-call as the Page, meaning you're not left second guessing if the customer  will return!

1940s rotary dial phone image

Shape your Customers Journey

Greet them, engage them, best of all - nudge them - to drive incremental sales

SMS text message exampe

You're on the list!  Once you've completed your forms, why not checkout our other services over a refreshment in our cafe?

On Registration

SMS text message exampe

We're ready for you now!


Be sure to ask your advisor about our "best rate" mortgage health check.

On Ready

SMS text mesage example

Sorry for the delay, we're busier than usual today  but expect to page you in about 20 minutes.  Why not check out our app

On Delay (Push Back)

SMS text mesage example

On Decline

We're sorry you decided not to wait today. Come back in the next 7 days, show this message and get 10% off your whole bill!

You're in full control, choose when to send SMS Text messages and/make automated Calls

Pre-Booked Appointments


via Kiosk

icon_calendar_websitegrnbk (tiny).png

Second Guest offers an advance booking system for appointments, we also recognize the need to manage the flow of arriving customers some of which will have a pre-booked appointment whilst others won't.

The Self Service Kiosk can be used to manage both, allowing those with a pre-booked appointment to "check in" and provide their appointment time.  We then set the time they can expect to be served to their appointment time, which determines where they appear on the waitlist.

Queue Watcher - Waitlist Monitoring

On Registration

SMS text mesage example

Did you know you can monitor your place in the queue from your phone?

Just follow this link:

With Queue Watcher you can automatically send your customer a unique link via SMS Text Message which allows them to monitor, or even cancel, their place on the waitlist.  The Queue position auto updates as they move up.


Customers do not have to download or install an App to use the link.

Waitlist Queue Watcher

Whilst Waiting

Waitlist Queue Watcher when Paged

When Paged

Data & Analytics

Make Informed Decisions:

  • How many walk-ins yesterday?

  • How does that compare to last week, last month, last year?

  • What's the average wait-time?

  • How long do customers take to arrive when paged?

  • Whatever your data needs, we can help!

Benefits Summary

contract icon

Mobile / Cell phone style contracts with subscriptions to suit every budget.

walk-in icon

Retrieve walk-ins, fill last minute cancellations, improve customer flow & experience.

grow sales icon

Give them a Nudge to drive incremental sales right before the customer engages with you.

buildings icon

Waitlist & Data visibility across your whole business for either single or multiple locations.

trafficlight icon

Immediate turning of stylists, consultants, doctors & advisors - thanks to real-time responses.

plane icon

Multilingual templates allow you to greet Guests via Call or Text in their preferred language.

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