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Features & Screenshots

icon sml waitlist (tiny).png

Staff View of Waitlist

Manage the flow of all your guests in one place via a web browser on iPad, Tablet, EPOS, PC or Laptop.

screen shot of waitlst software and guests
icon sml text-call (tiny).png

Notifications & Paging

Optionally send Text Messages and/or automated interactive Calls to your Guests Phone when it's their turn.

Just Click / Tap "Page" (phone) icon...

Screenshot of Waiting Guest

...and your Guest receives a Text or Call

SMS text mesage example

Hey Luke we're now ready to seat you at Restaurant if you could please make your way back?


Your table will be held for 15 minutes.

  • Use pre-built templates or build your own with mail-merge fields for personalization.

  • Want interactive responses?  Either include a Queue Watcher link via Text , or use Interactive Calls.

Better Service | Happier Customers | Improved Efficiency

icon party (tiny).png

Staff - Add Party

Quickly add the Party lead to your waitlist, capturing additional details as required.

Screenshot of guest being added to the Wait List

Note: Restaurant screen shown, differs for: Retail, Bowling and Card Rooms.

Fully customizable...

  • Collect the guests "Preferred Contact Method", or pre-set this and hide from staff.

  • Identify Phone In's who have not yet visited your premises.

  • Optionally add fields to capture: Email address, Marketing Preferences and Membership Number.

3 minute Video Demo

icon sml kiosk (tiny).png

Guest - via Self Service Kiosk

Optionally allow Guests to join the waitlist via the Self Service Kiosk (licensed separately)

Screenshot of Self Service Kiosk waitlist registration
  • Appointment check-in button can be enabled to manage flow or pre-booked Guests.

  • Operates in a locked down yet intuitive manner to facilitate Guest sign-up.

  • Can support mag strip reader for registration using membership or reward card.

Please Note: We do not supply; hardware, tablets, stands or mounts - this is software only.  Although guidance on your options is contained in our user guides.

Image of Self Servic Kiosk on mounted tablet holder
icon sml tv (tiny).png

TV Display

Optionally display your waitlist on an LCD or Plasma TV with the Big Board feature (licensed separately)

Big Board waitlist TV display

Note: Card Room display shown, differs for: Retail, Bowling and Restaurants.

  • Real-time Page response Traffic Lights.

  • Auto Updates

  • Customizable Layouts.

  • Choose from 7 color schemes.

icon small waiting for

What are your Guests waiting for?

Your Guests may all be waiting for the same thing, or they may be waiting for a specific; department, stylist, barber, advisor, game etc.

image location is waitlist

Each location is its own waitlist (virtual queue), you may have multiple locations or need multiple waitlists.

image waiting-for sub-waitlists

Each waitlist can be further divided into sub-queues based on what your Guest's are Waiting For.

Waiting For - can be easily added, edited or removed at any time...

screenshot of waiting-for

Waiting For - selection auto updates the next time a Guest joins the waitlist...

screenshot of waiting-for pull-down

Waiting For - can optionally be added to the Big Board TV display as column headers...

screenshot big board with waiting-for
icon sml clock (tiny).png

Time Added or Quoted, plus Updates

You'll either mostly serve your Guests in the order they're added to the waitlist - Time Added, or quote them a time when they're likely be served - Time Quoted.  In the latter scenario you can quickly and easily push back -or- pull forward the estimated wait time and automatically keep your Guest updated...

  1. Click / Tap "Ready @ Time"

Screenshot of Waiting Guest

2. Choose "New Wait Time"

Screenshot of Guest wait time being changed

On Delay (Push Back)

SMS text mesage example

Sorry for the delay, we're super busy tonight but expect to call you in about 30 minutes.


When you arrive, the first round of house water is on us!


In the mean time why not check out our app

3. Guest receives Text update.

icon small stop-watch

Actionable Data in Real Time

Some data is useful right now... not in a monthly report (licensed separately)

real-time page response times

We can show you the most recent average page response time in minutes, for example they spike during a big sports event.

Allowing you to plan when to page your next Guest for maximum efficiency & JIT arrival.

real-time estimated wait times

We can show you the most recent average wait time.

Allowing you to properly manage Guest expectations and quote realistic wait times.

icon small website

Guest - via your Website

The iFrame (licensed separately) is a pre-built fully configurable form that drops straight onto your website to allow Guests to register on your waitlist via the web.

  • Fully customize the look and feel.

  • Turn on/off fields you require.

  • Place on a public, or private (members login) page of your website.

  • Set a daily schedule for when the iFrame is available.

  • Show iFrame registrations as call-ins and handle on the same basis.

  • Or use our API to submit your Web or App registrations.

screenshot of iFrame

Note: Card Room display shown, differs for: Retail, Bowling and Restaurants.

icon sml eye (tiny).png

Guest Self Monitoring

Optionally allow Guests to monitor their place via the Queue Watcher feature (licensed separately)

On Registration

SMS text mesage example

Did you know you can monitor your place in the queue from your phone?

Just follow this link:

  • Interactive buttons keep your waitlist real!

  • Auto updates as Q position changes.

  • No App or Download required

Waitlist Queue Watcher

Whilst Waiting

Waitlist Queue Watcher when Paged

When Paged

Note: Retail Queue Watcher using "Waiting For" shown, differs for: Card Rooms, Bowling and Restaurants.

icon sml instant-reports.png

Instant Reports

Second Guest can be used to collect a wealth of data about: your guests, popular services, busy times.

icon monthly report

No need to wait for monthly reports, all data can be reported on in an instant whenever you like.

icon membership details

Collect membership numbers, or other unique identifiers to correlate collected data with your other systems.

icon marketing prefs

Collect email, call and text marketing preferances with explicit or implicit consent in line with your regions data regulations.

icon skip wait data capture

Capture data on every Guest in a single interface, even when there's no queue and they're served immediately.

icon new data fields

Add additional data fields to capture all the information you require in one place.

icon export data

Export data for spreadsheet analysis, or import to your CRM.

Note: Instant Reports is licensed separately

icon sml tannoy (tiny).png

Communication Options

Choose between; Automated Call, SMS Text Message or neither for each contextual notification, or ask the Guest what they prefer...

Screenshot of SMS Text Message or Robo Call Paging
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