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  • No set-up Fees.

  • No charges for: software, tables, users, staff or number of devices.

  • Pay for Calls and Text Messages only (with some plans).

  • Mobile / Cell Phone style contracts with inclusive Call / Text allowance, or pay as you go.

  • Seasonal plans whereby your allowance and fee vary from one month to the next.

  • We tailor every plan to perfectly fit your required volumes.

  • Add-on features sold seperately, you only pay for the functionality you need and nothing more.

Tailored to you

We take a different approach.  This page contains all of the things that we take into consideration as part of this.  When you're ready we would be happy to provide you with a custom quote, tailored to your specific business needs.


Our software is available on a subscription basis with a standard 6 month term, at the end of which the subscription auto renews unless you've given notice to cancel.  You pay for the subscription on a monthly basis.

There are a variety of subscriptions available to suit all budgets and all requirements, we can also tailor a subscription plan to meet your exact requirements including the term length and payment frequency.

We can also provide a short run initial contract or include a break clause so that you only commit to a longer term contract, which are usually discounted, when you've proven the platform fits your requirements.

Call & SMS Text Allowance

Our subscriptions resemble a mobile / cell phone contract with an inclusive allowance of SMS Text Messages and Calls to be used every month.  If you exceed your allowance you will receive a warning, although you can continue to use the software, we will then simply meter your overage (consumption beyond your inclusive allowance) and charge for this at the pre agreed overage-rates.

We also offer a subscription plan with zero inclusive allowance where all SMS Text Messages and Calls are billed at overage rates, resembling a Pay as You Go phone contract.

Communication occurs only with the Party lead, for example: if you have a party of 5 we're only communicating with 1 person in the party, not all 5 of them.  Be sure to consider this when sizing your allowance.

How BIG an Allowance?

Great question!  There should be a direct correlation between you doing more business and your allowance, therefore the bigger the better.  But wait, this solution is for managing peak times, so unless you're the hippest place in town you're only going to be using the Second Guest platform a few days per week.  A bowling center would use the platform on: league night, dollar night and weekends for example.  There may well also be some seasonality to your business too.

We can estimate the best subscription for you based on; data gathered during your trial, data gathered during a longer evaluation period, or if you operate on pay as you go for a while.  You may also find the sweet spot with "nudges" whereby your cocktail promos work well so you suddenly want to send every guest one!  Whereas incurring cost to send someone your WiFi code might not be for you given it's non revenue generating (you have full control of this via the Workflow Engine).  You can of course change your allowance by selecting a new subscription as your existing subscription draws to an end.  Or we can simply have a pragmatic conversation, happy and successful customers will continue to renew their subscription after all so we have a genuine vested interest in your continued success with our software platform.

No Phone & Buzzer / Radio Pager tracking

We can add the ability to register guests who don't have a phone with them, as well as enabling tracking of buzzer/pager numbers if you still wish to use these but want to manage all guests in one place - on your wait list.  A small number of these we simply don't worry about, if however you expect to serve a large number of this type of guest please let us know so we can ensure we offer a commercial model that works for both parties.  Afterall if we're giving away the software and  only charging for Text Messages and Calls, yet  you're not making any, then we won't be around to serve you for long.

International Charges

It's common for the inclusive allowance to be domestic only, with internaltional Calls or Texts to be on a Pay as You Go basis, albeit if you have a lot of tourists who are roaming we can include an International allowance as well.


Don't want to incur charges for International Calls or Text Messages?  No problem you can enable Domestic Only so your staff and guests won't be able to register International numbers in the first place.

Other Costs

Our software runs in the cloud, there are no other costs and no other pre-requisite software is required.

You can run the software on any web enabled device that has internet access such as; tablets, EPOS system, computer, or mobile / cell phone.  If your front of house EPOS won't allow you to run a web browser and you can't change this setting, and you don't own any tablets - then you may well be looking at the purchase of a tablet.  The good news is a cheap Android tablet is more than sufficient to run the Second Guest platform.

Further guidance on hardware is contained in our user guides.

Test Drive or Trial

We offer a free 14 day trial that will allow you to take the platform for a test drive and page up to 70 guests (send 70 x Texts and 70 x Robo-Calls), no limits are imposed on "no phone" guests during the trial and you can add as many as you like.

Want a longer test drive than the 14 day trial?  Please contact us to discuss your requirement.

Just Ask!

We're completely flexible, talk to us today and we'll walk you through our typical subscription plans, when you're ready to proceed we can then shape something to fit.

You'll find we're more cost effective than radio pagers, plus you can drive upsell at the point of consumption, improve efficiency and get your customers contact details for subsequent marketing activities.  No other solution provides all this!

Plan / Pricing Examples



Card Room



Retail / Other

For non US or UK locations, or different use-cases please contact us.

Plans - Pricing Anc

Ready for your unique quote?

Contact us with your; use-case, customer volumes and other requirements today.

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